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in california. egyptian riot police tried to disperse a huge crowd of protesters outside the u.s. embassy in cairo. demonstrations there have been going on for four days. protesters in tunisia jumped over the wall of the u.s. embassy compound today .. breaking windows and setting fires to trees. in afghanistan ... hundreds of demonstrators burned a u.s. flag and chanted "death to america." and in khartoum, sudan ... protesters broke into the german embassy and hoisted an islamic flag. in libya .. authorities have been rounding up suspects in tuesday's deadly attack on the u-s consulate. the attack killed four americans ... including u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. relatives say he was all about "bringing people together." stevens stepbrother lives in peoria. he says he's trying not to point fingers. i have no inclination to plan the libyan people muslims or anyone of any religion for what happened ... stevens' stepfather remembers the diplomat as a "beautifully even-tempered person." also killed were state department computer expert sean smith ... and security officers glen dohe
. this inmate is serving a life sentence for committing a murder in the 1980s. a joliet priest accused of sexual abuse has been reinstated ... the reverent f. lee ryan had been accused of sexually molesting a boy in the 1970's his relationship with a 14 year- old did not meet the criteria of a crime during in church law during that period of time in the '70s ... he will minister to homebound parishioners ... coming up next public reaction to the new i-phone ... >>and another security breach in yemen at the american embassy ... ot sfilodour you know what i love about this country? trick question. i love everything about this country! including prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. protesters t
justice will be done after an attack that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. at this moment u.s. drone is are going to fly over libya to seek out jihadist encampments ... ambassador j. christopher stevens and three american security staffers were killed when protesters attacked the u.s. consulate in the city of benghazi. the protesters were angry over an online film considered offensive to islam. libya's deputy prime minister said stevens was a friend to his nation. and libya's general national congress issued an apology for the attack. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the attack. we will not rest until those responsible for these attacks are found and brought to justice we are working closely with libyan authorities to work swiftly ... the same movie that triggered the attack in libya also sparked a violent protest in egypt. about two thousand mostly islamist protesters converged on the u.s. embassy in cai
the u.s. supreme court has made clear that the fundamental right is not the right to abortion perce it's the right to protect this and vigorously so ... not to have these states unduly burden the decision ... >>this wasn't raised it wasn't argued there was no discussion of the constitutional convention debate or relevant before a citation to suggest the language that these pundits rely upon claiming that the right to an abortion is simply impossible ... supporters of parental notification argue that a majority of illinoisians' support the law. and they want the high court to lift the debated in court. oral arguments are continuing in springfield. in the newsroom, julian crews wgn news. christopher vaughn will be sentenced in november for shooting to death his wife and three children. he's facing life in prison. it took a jury less than an hour yesterday to convict him of the murders. the 37 year-old shot his wife and kids in the family vehicle near channahon in 2007. he didn't show any emotion as the verdict was read, while his late wife's family cried softly and hugged one another
were down in the 40's in the suburbs. we have '80s coming over the next couple of days a real chill was in the upper midwest ... we are still four degrees warmer than we were one year ago. at this hour 94 degrees in rapid city south dakota ... temperatures are warmer to many parts out west ... we will be well into the '80s for the next several days ... the wind will be picking up this evening and the air is nice and dry ... there high values of mold and grass pollen counts ... the headline is sunshine and warmer temperatures and a wet end of the week system with the possibility of an inch of rain ... here is how this warm-up works: the cool air mass sweeps through we get a storm late in the week the weekend could be wedt... the highs today are in the '70s it will be in the '50s overnight 40's in the suburbs ... but the southerly wind will push us back into the 80s tomorrow ... 92 linda yellin iowain desmoines iowa.... by wednesday we will have some moisture arriving there will be up buckle in the jet stream watch how the system comes together on the matp we will have a wet and w
. the funeral is being held today for a navy seal killed in an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. glen doherty was one of four americans who died last week... in the attack that took place on the anniversary of september 11th. hundreds of mourners attended a wake yesterday in his hometown of winchester, massachussetts. the attack in libya also killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and two other men. according to the libyan parliament... several people have been arrested in connection with the attack a long-awaited report on the controverisal gun-trafficking operation known as fast and furious may be released later today. mexico. but critics blame it for contributing to crimes .. including the murder of u.s. border agent. the report by the justice department's inspector general is expected to spell out whether the botched plan was mostly the fault of agents in arizona ... or if the obama administration played a major role. more controversial remarks from republican presidential candidate mitt romney have surfaced - this time about chicago. romney suggested a pro-iranian terrorist could h
person. the victim.. who is believed to be in his 50's... died on the scene. authorities are still investigating the details surrounding the crash. no charges have been filed. a 22 month-old girl is in state custody after she was left alone for hours while her parents allegedly burglarized cars. 21 year-old eric harris and 22 year-old emeline vernillet were arrested in the 1100 block of valley stream drive on wednesday after a resident alerted police. harris and vernilett told officers they burglarized two cars and left their daughter alone at their home for about six hours. they are both being held on bond. french officials said today it's amazing a 7 year-old girl survived a shooting... that left her parents and two others dead. the girl was shot in the shoulder, while the others took bullets to the head. her 4 year-old sister hid under her mother's legs during the killings. the bodies were found in a car along a road in the alps. authorities are now searching for a green or dark colored four-by-four and a motorbike. britain's prince harry arrived in afghanistan this morning
on the possibility of racial profiling.. citing the u-s supreme court decision upholding that part of the law. the aclu says it will continue the challenge by documenting racial profiling in the state. health officials say at least 2500hundred people from 39 countries may have been exposed to the deadly hanta-virus at yosemite national park. hanta virus is a mouse-borne disease. people get the disease after coming into contact with waste or saliva of infected rodents. symptoms include: fever, muscle ache and diffficulty breathing. officials issued the warning is for anyone who stayed in yosemite national park tent cabins between june and august. last week, park officials shut the cabins down after finding that mice can burrow though holes in the walls. so far two men have died from the virus, and four others became ill. a little girl in colorado is recovering from a rare case of bubonic plaugue. the girl originally was admitted to the hospital with flu-like symptoms... and a fever of 107-degrees. doctors say the case was difficult to diagnose... because no doctor in colorado had seen a case o
as a man in his early 70's he's a long time cpa employee ... he will be o.k. but no official word on his prognosis yet. the cta has not commented on this incident prosecutors in the christopher vaughn murder trial argue vaughn murdered his family because they were obstacles to the life he wanted. wgn's nancy loo has more on today's closing arguments. the defense concedes that christopher vaughn was not a perfect husband or father in closing arguments the defense attorney said that he was not a killer and the state didn't prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt ... the prosecutor meticulously went over the evidence and closing statements ... the jurors heard about the extramarital affairs and the plans that didn't include the of one family ... blood evidence at the scene of the family s u v were inconsistent with the defendant's version of events on the day of the crime ... other witnesses testified that kimberly vaughn was a loving mother not suicidal nor homicidal ... there was a poignant moment when the pictures were shown of the back of the s u v showing the children's swimming g
airport musicians went on strike last week forcing the c s zero to cancel the last saturday show management proposed raising health insurance costs by 7 percent in the new contract both sides reached a tentative three- year deal yesterday and that orchestra ratified the contract when it returned to work today for rehearsals all of this week's concerts will go on as scheduled ... the united states and european ryder cup teams are holding their first practice rounds today at the medinah country club in the meantime the first- ever captains and celebrity scramble will also take place today the captains of previous ryder cup teams celebrities and sports legends will play 10 holes on course #3 the actor bill murray justin timberlake michael phelps and george lopez will participate ernie banks richard dent stan mikita and scottie pippen will also play the 39th annual ryder cup tournament begins friday we will be right back nations that the u-s will do whatever must be done to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. the president addressed the u.n. general assembly this morning
after wash. that's my tide. s. m uuele the attorney for an 18 year old charged in a local terror plot says it was entrapment. daoud remains in custody after yesterday's federal court hearing. he's accused of trying to detonate what he believed was a car bomb, outside a bar in the west loop last friday. the bomb was fake and given to him by undercover fbi agents. the fbi says daoud first posted comments about jihad when he was 17. daoud's attorney says investigators just took an immature kid and pushed him down a violent path. two chicago police department horses were injured during a break-in sunday night at a stable in the south shore community. a 20 year-old horse named "j.r." suffered swelling to his eye after being sprayed with a fire extinguisher... and a horse named "schott" was apparently hit on the back of the right leg and flank with the same fire extinguisher. 30 horses were let loose from their stalls during the break- in. both injured horses were given the day off to rest and are doing fine. no arrests have been made. of course i want to help all americans. all
's a waiver from the i h a s a to allow the players to continue in the event of a strike that is possible ... they'd negotiations are continuing and both sides are confident that a strike can be averted ... the democratic national convention kicks off in charlotte, today. party leaders will make a case for president obama to spend another four years in office .. despite the sluggish economy. wgn's frank holland is live in charlotte with more. at the delegates meeting this morning everyone was looking forward ... 4 illinois speakers on the agenda and in november they believe they have the right candidates to sweep the congressional election ... no punches were polled during the illinois delegate meeting this morning they believe they can sweep the congressional races ... tammy duckworth and joe walsh are where democrats are most confident ... congresswoman jan schakowsky led the charge against controversial congressman was a fishwalsh ... >>he is an embarrassment to congress and an embarrassment to the republican party >>it is also believed that mrs. obama is crucial to this election ..
a lot of solidarity and i trust the union to do the right thing by s some students show their support for the teachers by entertaining them ... >> it does not matter what kind of causes this but we're always going to be there helping our community teachers say they do not want to be on the picket line i'm a teacher that is rare always want to be is in front of my students it is hard to stand out here and think about the fact that my students are falling behind that they're sitting at home with this is not or want to be this is just right have to be in order to be an advocate for them in the long run ... thousands of teachers and their supporters filled the streets of downtown shutting down traffic in the area to get the message to the school board. >> >> and headquarters there under the watchful eye of an inflatable raft the teachers soldier on determined to get a fair contract ... >> they see it expects another huge show of solidarity later this afternoon that is when they're going to take to the streets again for another huge rally right in front of the headquarters to set a mess
was brainwashed ... next: another attack on u.s. troops, amid growing anti- american sentiment in the mideast. ...and it's been one year since movement began. ahead, what demonstrators have planned for today. questions? anyone have occasional constipation diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. s. m uuele ot sfilodour a suicide bomber drove his car into a security checkpoint in baghdad this morning killing seven people and wounding two dozen others. it happened at the entrance of baghdad's green zone during rush hour. the u.s. and british embassies are located there. no group has claimed responsibility yet. it is not clear whether this attack is related to other embassy attacks during this past week. and four more american troops were killed by afghan security officers yesterday. it was the latest in a wave of so-called, "green on blue" attacks. in the midst of growing anti- american pro
from his cellular phone near this u.s. coast guard station 2 mi. north of his dormitory room and located near the party he was seen leaving saturday morning ... the search began last night it was called off when darkness fell and resume it this morning >>several fire departments have divers in this water using sonar to search for this student ... this search is underway in the water and in the surrounding area ... parents and relatives of the missing in man arrived from new york yesterday to assist in the search he was a straight a premedical student and took last semester off because he was diagnosed with diabetes he was excited to be back resuming his studies ... he needed daily medication and his relatives grew concerned after he went missing ... university officials say that they do not suspect foul play ... anyone having information about this disappearance please call the northwestern university police force a victory in court today for attorneys representing former lawmaker derrick smith.. who was expelled from the illinois house after he was indicted on a bribery c
screening at philadelphia international airport yesterday, when t-s-a agents spotted a revolver in her carry-on bag. luby said she forgot the gun was there. she was taken to another screening room where a police officer unloaded the gun. that's when it accidentaly fired... the bullet hitting a t- s-a break room. a worker was sitting inside but was not hurt. another flight attendant was called in to replace luby, whose gun is legally registered. a man who jumped into a tiger's den at the bronx zoo said he wanted "to be one" with the animal. the 25 year old man suffered serious injuries friday... including a broken pelvis, broken ankle and puncture wounds. most of the injuries were caused by jumping 17-feet from a monorail car into the exhibit. rescuers used a fire extinguisher to separate the man and the animal... which was not injured. the man said it was not a suicide attempt. police say it appears he was fascinated with tigers. he is now charged with trespassing. a factory best known for making apple's i-phone is shut down following a massive brawl involving about 2,000 workers. hundreds
unavailable to customers. a u.s. official says the attack waged by a still-unidentified group outside the country. republican presidential nominee mitt romney takes his campaign to pennsylvania. he attended a rally at valley forge military academy and college. meantime, it appears romney's campain is trying to lower expectations as he heads into his first debate against president obama. romney will debate the president in denver on wednesday. romney's campaign adviser released a memo that outlines why president obama should win the debate, including the president has a lot more experience and is a great public speaker. a so-called "super pac" that supports president obama gets a major boost. george soros will donate one million dollars to "priorities usa action." the former hedge fund manager will also give 500,000 dollars to 2 super pacs that back congressional democrats. so far this election cycle soros has donated more than $4 millionto pro-demoratic groups. crews began digging up a driveway in suburban detroit today searching for the body of missing union strongman jimmy hoffa. a
be held responsible for the september 11th attack on the world trade centers. a u.s. district judge in new york ruled a trial was necessary to determine if the airlines are at fault. world trade center properties... which owned the twin towers, sued the airlines claiming they were negligent for allowing terrorists to board and hijack the planes. the company is seeking more than eight billion dollars... the estimated cost of replacing the two towers as well as claims of negligence. pentagon officials say a new book about the military raid that killed osama bin laden *does* contain classified information. "no easy day"... was written by matt bissonette... a former navy seal involved in the mission. the book describes the preparation ahead of the bin laden raid, the day of the operation, and the aftermath. pentagon officials are not stopping sales of the book... but do say they're exploring legal options. the book's co-author denies it contains classified material. it could be more than a week before firefighters get control of a wildfire in california's angeles national forest. at least 3800
.. and four people have died. the patients range in age from the 20's to the 70's. the county health department says the infection has turned up in 12 dupage communites including addison, downers grove, elmhurst, naperville and westmont. west nile virus is spread to humans by infected mosquitoes. commuters avenue and convenient way to pay for their fares ... it's called ventura and commuters will be allowed to pay for rights the same way that they make everyday purchases there will have a variety of single rides and one day passes and they can use credit and debit cards there will be a contact list electronic system to facilitate the transaction coming up next: after a lockout that began before the nfl's preseason regular referees are set to return to the field tonight. and a new tip leads to another dig in the search for former teamsters boss jimmy hoffa... this time under a driveway in michigan. and after an emotional story traveled the globe, one man receives financial aid to help his beloved dog. most of the pain i experience is in my knees. when i think of aspirin, i really t
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